My science fiction takes place in a far future where the original human genome has long been lost, rendering every variant life-form suspect or "impure." The would-be human bioforms in my fiction occupy a small section of a barred spiral galaxy beyond the Milky Way. Empires I-III of this universe are shrouded in the mists of time -- forgotten, unrecorded. My characters, whether human, quasi-human, or device, live in the 5th and 6th Empires but have limited information about the 4th Empire. The 5th Empire represents a high point of technological and scientific achievement. The 6th Empire -- the "Irredentist Empire" -- is reactionary, luddite, and stagnant.

In various settings (planets, spacecraft, space stations), my characters struggle to live in societies shot through with conflict: conflict surrounding race, gender, and the organization of consciousness (organic or machine). It is often a very beautiful universe, full of fantastical creatures and devices, lovingly-crafted machines, and retrograde or pastoral worlds. It's often very mysterious -- ghosts of the past dwell in the interstices of daily life, often unappreciated, unknown, unseen. It is, finally, complicated, messy, and brutal. There is every form of government, social organization, sexuality, and warfare. Strife and torment coexist with the raising of families and the pursuit of wealth.

Welcome to Arm of the Vas and the Bar End! I hope you enjoy your journeys in this universe.