I studied under prominent deconstructionists, feminists, marxists, and other -ists and learned very little except that it's not very nice to become an -ist. It took me years to recover from theory. I practiced law for a while, did residential design and construction for a while, got married and started a family, began practicing law again, then took up the pen with the aim of finishing at least one book before I left this ball of water and dust.

I've had a lay interest in the sciences since I was a child. I had toyed with a story idea at the intersection of these fields for some time, but it was not until Stephen Wolfram's A New Kind of Science came out a few years ago that I found the scientific underpinnings for the characters and plot line I had been developing. Everything snapped into focus when I read Wolfram's ideas about cellular automata, the simple programs that are capable of creating systems of great complexity.

I began writing every day in 2007. I write in the morning before I go to my day job, then write or edit -- depending on how fried I am -- another shift in the evening after my wife and I get the kids to bed.

I live in Austin with my wife, three boys, and cats Juno and Theo.

Email me: jpatricksutton (at) jpatricksutton (dot) com